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The Bianchi Gold Race Special Bike Restoration

Updated: Mar 31

Uncovering a Classic

Welcome to the exciting world of classic bike restoration! Here at Roberts Customs, our mission is to breathe new life into vintage bicycles, preserving their rich history and unique character. In this blog post, we're excited to share with you our latest project - the Bianchi Gold Race Special, a classic Italian road bike from the year 2000.

As we embark on this fascinating journey of restoration, we've documented the entire process in a YouTube video, which you can find embedded below. Join us as we dive into the eBay purchase experience, the challenges we faced, and the meticulous work involved in transforming this beautiful piece of cycling history. Whether you're a seasoned bike enthusiast or simply curious about the world of vintage bicycles, we're sure you'll find this project both educational and inspiring. So, let's gear up and start exploring the Bianchi Gold Race Special restoration journey!

Scoring the Bianchi Gold Race Special: An eBay Adventure

When it comes to sourcing vintage bicycles and parts, eBay offers a treasure trove of unique finds from around the world. In our quest to find the perfect project bike, we stumbled upon the Bianchi Gold Race Special, a 2000 model that seemed to be in good condition for its age.

Bianchi bike on eBay
Bianchi Bike eBay Listing

The eBay listing described the bike as having an alloy frame, Shimano Sora 2x9 speed components, and only some cosmetic scratches. With a starting price of £195, plus £39 for postage, we were thrilled to be the sole bidder and secure this classic Italian road bike for a total of £234.

Bianchi Bike on eBay
Original eBay listing for Bianchi Gold Race Special

As with any online purchase, there's always the risk of expectations not aligning with reality. Despite the bike being listed as "fully working," we encountered a few surprises upon unboxing and reassembling our new acquisition. From hidden corrosion to a seized front brake, the Bianchi Gold Race Special came with its fair share of challenges. But as passionate bike restorers, we embraced these obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow in our craft.

Join us as we navigate the highs and lows of our eBay experience, offering insights and advice for fellow vintage bike enthusiasts seeking their next project. And remember, when buying from online platforms, it's crucial to be diligent, ask questions, and carefully examine the provided images to ensure you're getting the best deal possible.

Bianchi Gold Race Special Bike
Bianchi Gold Race Special eBay Listing Picture

Unveiling the Truth: Comparing the Bianchi Gold Race Special's eBay Listing to the Real Deal

When shopping for vintage bikes on eBay, it's essential to approach each listing with a discerning eye. While our Bianchi Gold Race Special's description painted a promising picture, the actual bike revealed some hidden issues that weren't entirely apparent from the photos and description.

A sleek Bianchi Gold Race Special road bike with its striking black frame and celeste accents, standing proudly against a neutral background.
A sleek Bianchi Gold Race Special road bike with its striking black frame and celeste accents

Upon reassembling the bike, we discovered a seized front brake that rendered the bike unrideable. Closer inspection revealed a rounded-off nut on the brake calliper, suggesting that this issue was not recent. Unfortunately, the listing failed to mention this problem, and the provided images cleverly concealed the corrosion on the forks.

Rusty forks of a vintage Bianchi Gold Race Special bike, before restoration.
Time to show some love to these rusty forks on our vintage Bianchi Gold Race Special

As we assessed the situation, it became clear that we may have overpaid for the bike, given its true condition. However, as a project bike, the Bianchi Gold Race Special still fit our needs, despite the unexpected hiccups.

Navigating the world of eBay purchases can be tricky, but it's important to remember that every experience is an opportunity to learn. As we dive deeper into this restoration project, we'll share our knowledge and expertise to help you avoid common pitfalls when buying vintage bikes online.

Crafting a New Vision: The Restoration Plan for Our Bianchi Gold Race Special

Despite the unexpected challenges, the Bianchi Gold Race Special remains an exciting project for us at Roberts Customs. Our restoration plan involves breathing new life into this classic Italian road bike by converting it into a fixie-style single-speed bicycle.

The first step in our restoration journey is to strip the bike down to its frame, clean every component, and give it a thorough inspection. This process will help us determine any additional repairs or replacements needed to ensure the bike's optimal performance and aesthetics.

As we rebuild the bike, we'll be making some significant changes, including removing the gears and replacing the drop handlebars with straight bars or possibly bullhorns. Additionally, we'll explore the possibility of finding matching rims to enhance the bike's appearance and value.

Throughout the restoration process, we'll document every step, sharing valuable insights and lessons learned with our readers. Stay tuned as we transform this Bianchi Gold Race Special into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Anticipating the Restoration: Bianchi Gold Race Special's Exciting Future

As we conclude our initial look into the Bianchi Gold Race Special, it's clear that this classic Italian road bike has immense potential, despite the challenges it currently presents. Our journey with this iconic bike has just begun, and we can't wait to share the restoration process with you in future videos.

The restoration of the Bianchi Gold Race Special will require dedication, patience, and passion. We'll meticulously document each step, so you can follow along and be inspired to embark on similar bike restoration projects. Our goal is to transform this beautiful piece of cycling history into a revitalized classic that stays true to its roots while incorporating modern enhancements.

Bianchi Gold Race Special road bike outdoors, showcasing its impressive design and performance on a test ride
Taking our stunning Bianchi Gold Race Special for a Ride

Stay tuned for our upcoming video series as we chronicle the transformation of the Bianchi Gold Race Special. With your support, we'll breathe new life into this stunning bike, proving that even a challenging eBay purchase can lead to a rewarding and fulfilling project. Don't miss the opportunity to follow this captivating journey with us!

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Kristof Klein
Kristof Klein
Apr 09, 2023

Perfect timing! I came across a blue version of this bike (can not upload a picture). Looking forward how things will turn out for you and what I can copy/learn from you. In the process to strip it down. mine has quite some rust. So my current idea is to get some fresh paint - and find someone that can redo me the decals…

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