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About Us

Restoring the past, customizing the future

At Roberts Customs, we are a team of cycling enthusiasts who share a passion for preserving the beauty and craftsmanship of bicycles. Our workshop is a place where old and new bicycles are given a new lease of life through our expert restoration and customization services. We document our restoration projects through videos and pictures that we share on our social media channels. Our mission is to showcase the art of bicycle restoration and inspire others to appreciate the beauty of these timeless machines.

bianchi via nirone 7 bike and Roberts Customs

Our Story

Our story began with a love for bicycles and a desire to restore the beauty and craftsmanship of vintage and modern machines. As cycling enthusiasts, we were inspired by the unique designs, components, and history of each bicycle that came into our possession. We knew that these machines were more than just transportation - they were works of art that deserved to be preserved and showcased.

At first, we started restoring bicycles as a hobby, spending countless hours researching and learning about the restoration process. As we honed our skills and gained more experience, we began to share our work on social media, hoping to inspire others to appreciate the beauty of these timeless machines.

Our restoration and customization projects began to gain attention, and before we knew it, we had a loyal following of fans and fellow enthusiasts. We realized that we had a unique opportunity to turn our passion into a business, and thus Roberts Customs was born.

Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to restoring and customizing bicycles for clients all over the world. Each project is a labour of love, with every detail carefully considered and executed by our experienced technicians. We take pride in the quality of our work and the attention to detail that we put into each project.

Our mission is to preserve the history and beauty of bicycles, while also inspiring others to appreciate the art of restoration and customization. We believe that a restored and customized bicycle is more than just a machine - it's a reflection of the owner's personality, style, and passion for cycling.

We look forward to continuing our journey with Roberts Customs, and sharing our love of bicycles with the world.

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